The Mews at Brewster Antiques
The Mews at Brewster Antiques

Great Variety of Antiques at The MEWS at Brewster Antiques

Are you excited by the thought of finding treasures from generations past? Do you love country furniture and primitive art?  Are you fascinated by antique chocolate molds?  Are you a glass collector? Do you like to browse a diverse array of antiques?   You've come to the right place - The MEWS at Brewster Antiques, Cape Cod, has a diverse selection of wonderful antiques to search through and find treasures to bring home.

Discover artifacts, art and antiques at The MEWS at Brewster Antiques. We look forward to welcoming you to our store soon.

Looking for unique antiques and collectibles? From rare finds to classic collectors items - at our shop you're sure to find what you are looking for. Learn more about our collection. Antiques are our passion! Visit us soon!

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